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  1. Sites we like: @eveningedition, Canada! and The Shape of Design:http://j.mp/PjSnfB 

  2. Non-profit and organizational Web sites – Inexpensive web designby http://GreenDesignIt.com http://www.greendesignit.com/  #webdesign #joomla

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  3. How To Use Printing To Boost Your Business http://dlvr.it/31GK6t  #web

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  4. Web Design, Long Island Website Design, Free Business Websites http://nblo.gs/ILTXg 

  5. Not all responsive web design is created equal. See http://goo.gl/Bx7Ae Internet design news - http://evergreencomputing.com 

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  6. We can design,build and develop any website http://bit.ly/12ZWLZT  #cfx

  7. Anatomy of Colors: Using Yellow in Web Design http://bit.ly/Y6lABh #webdesign #design

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  8. The Monthly Shout Out- these guys are great @its_my_life95 @cwr@Mack_WM SmartPhone Web Design http://bit.ly/13elyMS 

  9. Web Design Costa Blanca: Internet Marketing Company Ajax Union Invites Business Owners To Utilize … http://tinyurl.com/a5hrs5f 

  10. Web Design Costa Blanca: New York Internet Marketing Firm Moves Headquarters to Conway, Adds Jobs http://tinyurl.com/bhoyos2 

  11. Follow @dirtyhypenation for high quality services in web design, flyer design, radio adverts and on-line mastering. @Mc2Hype@DubWiseFM

  12. Your last chance to grab a website bargain. Our sale ends Friday. Visit our web design page TODAY http://buff.ly/LK83rd 

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  13. 30 Webdesign tendances pour Février 2013: Découvrez une sélection de 30 web design tendances qui vous aideront…http://bit.ly/142zlln 

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  14. Culture web #BDW 30 Webdesign tendances pour Février 2013: Découvrez une sélection de 30 web design tendances …http://bit.ly/142zlln 

  15. 30 Webdesign tendances pour Février 2013: Découvrez une sélection de 30 web design tendan… http://bit.ly/13onXV6  par@Blogduwebdesign

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  16. Web Design, Long Island Website Design, Free Business Websites: A-Plus Online Business provides the best web…http://dlvr.it/31GCz2 

  17. New #JobSearch #WebDesign #JobListings added to Chicago, Illinois, United States: http://goo.gl/imJw6 

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  18. Informly Launches to Help Web Design Companies Build Recurring Revenue http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/2/prweb10470319.htm …

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  19. Mielenkiintoista ja hyviä huomioita. Anatomy of Colors: Using Yellow in Web Design http://bit.ly/YV18m7 

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  20. Webデザイナー必読?!著作権について知っておくべき10のこと|Web Design KOJIKA17 http://kojika17.com/2011/01/copyright-for-the-web-designer.html … @kojika17さんから

  21. Responsive #webdesign : les clés pour bien commencer – JDN Web & Tech http://ow.ly/i5EeG 

  22. 70two Web Design @70two_design has just been recommended by Simon Trippett http://tinyurl.com/ar7n3sp  #webdev

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  23. Getting a New Website? Read this: “The Importance of Site Speed in Web Design“ http://goo.gl/BMzJP 

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  24. @red_web_design wow- can’t quite grasp that (sorry, no pun intended!)

  25. Collection of #JQuery Plugins | Web Design Burn http://bit.ly/Wrq1UW 

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  26. CT Web Design Daily is out! http://paper.li/ct_web/1307704080 … ▸ Top stories today via @LogicTrail

  27. 15 superb websites with video backgrounds @CreativeBloQhttp://bit.ly/YBpiEf 

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  28. ESSENTIAL UB present: Robot Line Tracer,Web Design, Akustik, Fotografi at Mei 2013. Cek http://essential-ub.com  :)

  29. Seattle Web Design Firm Wins Platinum Award for Medical Website Design – Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)http://dlvr.it/31G5Zf 

  30. Simple And Effective Web Design Tips For Everyone: Building a website is exciting, and a little scary. You are… http://bit.ly/XlEfsL 

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  31. @MIHAgency experts in marketing & events management. Graphic/Web Design, SEO, Social Media Mana… http://bit.ly/XlEhkh #graphicdesign

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  32. Great Utilization of Graphic Design Services for Maximum Impacthttp://dlvr.it/31G4qQ  #web

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  33. Cubiotti Terry in COPPELL TX needs a Web Design Freelancerhttp://tiny.cc/WebsiteDesigners … #Freelancer #Design #Designer #Joomla

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  34. Lowongan Kerja Web Design di iSOFT DIMENSION Pte Ltd #lokerhttp://dlvr.it/31G4Dk 

  35. If you really want to grab a visitor’s attention why not try some unusual website navigation? Here’s some inspiration http://bit.ly/12d3frJ 

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  36. Wellen Francis in KENT WA needs a Web Design Freelancerhttp://tiny.cc/WebsiteDesigners … #Freelancer #Logo #Design #Designer#videoediting

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  37. @MIHAgency experts in marketing & events management. Graphic/Web Design, SEO, Social Media Management & Print. Leeds http://mihagency.com 

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  38. Nice, short and… expected - web design trends for 2013http://www.awwwards.com/10-web-design-trends-for-2013.html …

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  39. Ebay ads – Graphic Design Photoshop Web Design at http://Elance.com (Los Angeles, CA)… http://bit.ly/142vt3Q  #GraphicDesign #Jobs

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  40. Iniciando com Web Design Responsivo – O futuro da web | wpmidia lab http://q.gs/3XlJT 

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  41. Your Insurance->: Figuring Out How To Beat Your Competition InWeb Design http://goo.gl/lgfoP  #insurance #healthinsurance

  42. Creative Web Design Solutions, Creative Website Designers, Creative Web Designing http://fb.me/GuMYVwzd 

  43. Anatomy of Colors: Using Yellow in Web Designhttp://bit.ly/XlDtfi 

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  44. Anatomy of Colors: Using Yellow in Web Design http://bit.ly/XlDtfe 

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  45. We offer fresh,clean,innovative & inspired graphic&website design with a professional & friendly service.Our p/folio http://bit.ly/MKpmK5 

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  46. Now #Hiring Ebay ads – Graphic Design Photoshop Web Design athttp://Elance.com  (Los A #job,#jobs,#hire

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  47. What are Frameworks? 22 Best Responsive CSS Frameworks forWeb Design http://buff.ly/XoRYgg 

  48. The Monthly Shout Out- these guys are great @RejSpa @IMStores@a_NYC_SummerCT SmartPhone Web Design http://bit.ly/13elyMS 

  49. Anatomy of Colors: Using Yellow in Web Design -http://tinyurl.com/d4cs5l8 

  50. Magazine design principles applied to web design | Webdesigner Depot http://bit.ly/13CFbtv 

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  51. Seattle Web Design Firm Wins Platinum Award for Medical Website Design – Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)http://dlvr.it/31G1tL 

  52. Your Insurance->: Figuring Out How To Beat Your Competition InWeb Design http://bit.ly/Xckgh6  #insurance #healthinsurance

  53. http://bit.ly/YBv8RW  - Importance of SEO Web Design and Internet Marketing in Online Businesses

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     from England, United Kingdom

  54. #freelance #web #design #job: Ebay ads – Graphic Design Photoshop Web Design - http://donanza.com/t/8534516  #jobs

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  55. Push yourself to bring “soul” back to your designs – on responsive web #design http://esbueno.noahstokes.com/post/44088237921/where-has-all-the-soul-gone …@motherfuton of @bold

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  56. BonWeb Offers Truly Free Web Design in Sheffield – SBWire (press release) http://goo.gl/fb/lD7Rz 

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  57. Seattle Web Design Firm Wins Platinum Award for Medical Website Design – Virtual-Strategy… http://goo.gl/fb/hdiOC 

  58. RT @LamyaWDL: 10 Inspiring Websites of Web DesignCompanies #webdesign - http://bit.ly/13RiBgU 

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  59. http://www.mahoody.com/  SEO Seattle Web Design CMS LAMP Open Source Solutions

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  60. Limited Time Only #DailyDeal Online Web-Design Course for One or Five from Excel With… Find this Deal&More http://goo.gl/aeo7b 

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  61. ★ CSS3 for Responsive Web Design workshop at Handheld Conference 2013 http://dlvr.it/31Fq3c 

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  62. Benefits of Web Design and Development in San Diego -http://is.gd/NcID0q 

  63. [Site of the day] Coffee Surfing illy http://bit.ly/Wjh59i  #webdesign

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  64. List of services that Digicraft offers: Online PR, Social Media marketing and engagement, Internet marketing, Web design@Mediacraft_pr

  65. The A-Z of words our clients use to describe #Novamedia and ourweb design service: E = Enthusiasm - http://ow.ly/gxEuL 

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  66. Don’t miss today’s deal – Up to 92% Off Online Web-DesignCourse: http://j.mp/ZKFeXC 

  67. The Best of Responsive Web Design vs Design with Soul by Jordan Moore — Web Designer & Front End Developer http://bit.ly/WjhWH2 .

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  68. Web Design: The Importance Of Quality Images – You might always hear that content is king when it comes to…http://tinyurl.com/9gbbahr 

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  69. 5 Things You Need To Take Under Consideration in web Design | Design Web Kit http://designwebkit.com/web-and-trends/5-things-need-web-design/ … via@DesignWebKit

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  70. Shorter .uk web address idea shelved by Nominet… http://ow.ly/i7Dp9 

  71. Web Design Mastery – Professional Web Site Design Made Easy: This Web Design Course Includes 15 Course Lessons…http://bit.ly/Y6d9pw 

  72. Image Techniques for Creating Depth in Web Design | Codropshttp://bit.ly/XFHuJt 

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  73. ★ ‘CSS3 for Responsive Web Design’ workshop at Handheld Conference 2013 http://stuffandnonsense.co.uk/blog/about/css3-for-responsive-web-design-workshop-at-handheld-conference-2013 …

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  74. Need help to start Affiliate Marketing: Hi, I’m doing web design and development since 2009. Now I want to sta… http://bit.ly/YI7xmS 

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  75. ~~ 30 Most Influential People In Web Designhttp://bit.ly/c4Xw7L  ~~

  76. Light Fonts Use in Web Design: Examples and Resourceshttp://bit.ly/PPYYA0 

  77. Anatomy of Colors: Using Yellow in Web Design http://bit.ly/13prMJE 

  78. 15 superb websites with video backgrounds: http://trhou.se/WqLv4h @CreativeBloq

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  79. Simple And Effective Web Design Tips For Everyone http://bit.ly/140cXJo #webdesign

  80. 5 minutes of meditation a day can be the solution to accomplish your Web Designing goals. Learn more about it here http://bit.ly/XrUd5w 

  81. 25 Inspiring Examples Of Web Design http://bit.ly/XjWKxG 

  82. Image Techniques for Creating Depth in Web Design http://ow.ly/i5HjE 

  83. The Fastest Way to Become Successful with Web Designhttp://is.gd/4nP8aF 

  84. 30 Free and Awesome Web Design Tools - http://bit.ly/Rrbnvs 

  85. @981Media Agree! The best is yet to come and the good thing about Responsive web design is that it can adapt to changes in technology.

  86. 15 websites that make great use of video backgrounds - http://ow.ly/i3bpr 

  87. The Role of Table Layouts in Responsive Web Designhttp://enva.to/VWb7Z1 

  88. 30 Beautiful Landing Pages Optimized for Converting Visitors into Users - http://goo.gl/BP08c 

  89. What Can You Learn From Web Design Of Fortune 500 Companies? (Infographic) http://ow.ly/i00G9 

  90. Why Minimal Web Design Works? Examples and Analysis -http://bit.ly/MFTw4K 

  91. Web Design & Development News: Collective #52 | Codropshttp://bit.ly/YqwSBF 

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  92. LEARN WEB DESIGN TODAY! Become a Web Designer and Change Your Life Forever! - http://bsa.ly/127l  *ad

  93. Advantages and Challenges of Responsive Web Designhttp://bit.ly/WbcrKA 

  94. Magazine design principles applied to web design http://bit.ly/131knAi 

  95. jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 released: New widgets, responsive web designenhancements and more! http://ttzn.co/XtU8eL 

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